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Artistic Jewelry by
Pamela Bórquez

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 17 - 22 Octubre 2023

"Milano Jewelry Week"

Artistar Jewels



Noviembre 2023

"Dia del artesano"

Universidad de Concepción


 24-25-26 Noviembre 2023

"Art week Chile"



Revisa acá cómo fue la experiencia en Milano Jewelry Week 2022


Her Work

Constantly evolving, always experimenting. Some of her favorite pieces are shown here.


Pamela en el taller.jpg

Pamela Bórquez started her jewelry journey in 2003, as a self-taught artisan.


She learned jewelry techniques and stone setting in her homeland Chile, Color Rendering in Hong Kong at the Hatton Jewelry Institute, and more importantly, high-end techniques at an intensive advanced 2-year program in USA, with Miguel Monzon. She is also MBA from the University of Chile.

Using pearls, gemstones, rough stones, silver, gold and other metals, her style roots in the strength that women need to show in order to survive in this world, with organic, bold, one-of-a-kind designs and uneven forms that look for a balance reflecting the scars of life. 


Always pushing the limits, she’s experimenting to bring to life new designs and combine new techniques, such a prong setting, reticulating, woodworking, and lapidary.

Pamela is the CEO and founder of Tónica Joyas SpA in Chile and COO and cofounder of Monzon Bórquez LLC, in USA.

She is also an active member as a director of the “Asociación Gremial de Artesanos Creadores del Bio Bío” (Trade Association of Artisan Creators of the Bio Bío) in which she collaborates organizing fairs, expositions, and government projects to improve the work conditions of the artisan community.

During the pandemic, she taught along Miguel Monzon jewelry online to hundreds of students from more than 20 countries.


She taught advanced soldering techniques, stone setting, double gallery rings, grain setting, wax carving, jewelry ornamentation and business strategics for jewelers.

Her work is currently shown in Chilean design and craft fairs and expositions well as at the University of Concepción, for heritage activities.


Outside of her country her work has been shown and sold on a monthly basis in West Palm Beach, USA and in 2022 and at the Milano Jewelry Week. She also has an active online presence, with more than 8 thousand followers in Instagram.

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